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Community 4x4 Response are always happy to welcome new members, and don’t worry if you have little or even no off-road experience. Our team of experienced responders have the collective knowledge and skills to get you ready and give you the confidence to be deployed into any scenario.

You will never have to do a job that you are not 100% happy doing, so if you do want to become a member but feel that there are things that you won’t be able to do, that’s perfectly fine.

If you want to help, but don’t want to go out on deployment, then you can. Not everyone has to drive a 4x4 vehicle or even leave their house to help. We are always happy to take on people who feel better suited to running control for our responders and making sure they are safe, and even people who just want to fundraise.

Our volunteers take part in tasks such as:

Becoming a Member

  1. Complete our online membership application, link below, and someone from our membership team will contact you shortly.
  2. Meet some of our team at one of our social events, the membership team will let you know where and when these are.
  3. Administration and document checking.
  4. Join us at a training day for your on road and off-road assessment. After this you will carry out the necessary training.
  5. After your training you will be invited to become a probationary responder.


Should you have any questions please contact our Membership Team.