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26 December 2020

Lincolnshire Community 4x4 Response
A New Part of the Family

Community 4x4 Response would like to welcome our new team in Lincolnshire into our Response Family.

Lincolnshire Community 4x4 Response are a dedicated team, consisting of fantastic and friendly people, and we are excided to have them as part of Community 4x4 Response.

As a charity Community 4x4 Response are dedicated to helping people across the UK, not just in the North West, and with this group expansion our capabilities continue to grow.

13 October 2020

Registered Charity Status
Community 4x4 Response

Community 4x4 Response are proud to announce that as of 13th October 2020 we are now a registered charity, Registered Charity Number: 1191784.

We would like to thank all of our volunteers for their efforts so far, and everyone who has supported us.

Find a copy of our registration certificate using the link below:

11 October 2020

Car in the river Croal
Vehicle recovery for Bolton Council

A story recently appeared in the Bolton News regarding a suspected stolen car that was still lying in the River Croal 7 months on from the crash. The vehicle need to be removed from the river, but the logistics and equipment available to complete the extraction could not be placed close enough to the river. We offered to have a look at the problem and try to come up with a solution, this involved a couple of site visits to discuss our plan which was accepted as a viable option.

Yesterday morning, Saturday 10th October, a team of 12 volunteer responders from our group arrived on site with all the necessary equipment and vehicles to attempt the recovery. We started by clearing away some overgrown bracken with a chainsaw to allow the two winch vehicles to get close enough to the top of the ravine. At the same time, our rope access and water rescue team climbed down the 40m ravine side to assess the vehicle and it's position in the river.

The water team were able to make their way across to the car which was approximately 4m from the river bank and was upside down on it's roof. The plan was to keep the car on it's roof to help it slide, pull it out of the river and up the ravine side. Our winches were attached to the rear of the vehicle and the winch team got started with the complicated recovery which required the vehicle to be turned around in the water and then pulled on to the river bank. Once we had successfully moved the car on to the bank of the River Croal, it was necessary to stop and allow the water to drain out of the vehicle before continuing up the ravine side.

The very steep ravine side from the river bank up to the winch vehicles was approximately 30m and required care to avoid damaging any of the trees. Progress was slow at this point as we had to stop regularly to adjust the equipment but eventually we had the vehicle at the lip of the ravine and the safe flat ground. At this point, the vehicle was probably at it's heaviest and most critical but we persevered and brought it up to the relative safety of the flat ground.

Once up at the top, the vehicle still needed to be recovered and taken off the site. As the car was still on it's roof, we needed to right it and get it on to our transporter trailer. Again, with the use of one of our powerful winches, we were able to safely right the car and then put it on the transporter before lashing it safely ready for final removal from the site.

After a thorough check round the site to ensure that all of our equipment was tidied up, we left the area following a very successfully implemented plan. (with a few glitches....)

As a community group, we are not funded, merely volunteers who want to make a difference and help our communities when they need it.

24 June 2020

Debunking the Myth
Hand sanitiser in cars DO NOT pose a fire risk

Following widespread news coverage claiming that hand sanitiser kept in vehicles can pose a fire risk, the National Fire Chiefs Council has refuted these reports and confirmed there have been no cases of such fires in the UK.

Read the full article at the link below: